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The Tundra Tabloids was sent the following story concerning Khalid Saeed, an apostate from Islam who is being sent back to his native Pakistan by the Swedish government in spite of the threat of death for apostasy from Islam. This man and his family literally have targets plastered on their backs, yet the Swedish authorities have room for every other asylum seeker as long as they’re registered Muslims, but stray from the fold and the Muslim friendly Swedish government will ship your rear to the awaiting scimitar. KGS

NOTE: Please visit the website promoting Saeed’s and his family’s cause.

The Swedish exception

Danish Free Press Society: Is it an expression of Swedish hypocrisy when their authorities choose to send an apostate that left Islam back to Pakistan? The current case indicates that it is best to be a Muslim, if you want to apply for asylum in Sweden.

In Sweden there is room for everyone. Or almost all! One of the few who did not grace, is Pakistani refugee Khalid Saeed, who has just been refused asylum.

But It is easy to be lured to think otherwise, that Khalid is qualified for a place in Sweden’s safe and sound embrace. According to his own statements, he and his family received more serious threats in their homeland.

It is an assertion which seems credible when Khalid also tells that he is an apostate Muslim (he calls himself “humanist”). And he has not only distanced his faith, he has made it publicly on his blog.

That should turn on all the red lights!

In Pakistan, he had a visit from several of Allah’s faithful. They maltreated him and threatened his life. Then he (and his family) went underground and escaped in a roundabout way to Sweden. Here he, his wife and their three children, stayed in the two years that the proceedings has been ongoing.

Now the asylum court has spoken and Khalid has to leave Sweden. (Khalid and his family have been underground since September 22nd):

But why do the Swedish authorities not find him worthy to stay?

It’s absolutely a relevant question.

And perhaps, the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, hits nail on the head when he ironically writes on his blog:

“Khalid should have known that a Muslim who leaves Islam does not fit into the ‘Swedish folks-home’.”

Vilks also notes that none of the media who normally raise their voices to prevent the deportation of Muslim asylum-seekers have been interested in this matter.

A credibility problem

Maybe Vilks is right. Maybe apostate Muslims, Jews, Christians and others who are threatened by fanatical Muslims just do not fit in today’s Sweden?

One might get the thought that the aforesaid groups simply gives “the pc-elite” a credibility problem on their necks.

For is it not true that recognition of Khalid asylum needs – also will be a recognition that Islam – and therefore many Muslims – are some extremely intolerant concepts?

It is not hard to imagine that the politically correct Sweden, where the belief that Islam is a religion of peace, is alive and well, will have a hard time with such a realization?

And one could imagine that the same people rather than to face reality would choose the easy solution – and turn their backs on a pursued as Khalid?

If you know a bit of Sweden’s political tradition, you will know that the lightweight and opportunistic solutions are unmistakable ingrediences.

Here there are seldom protests against those who threaten with violence. Here you choose the most opportune – some would say cowardly – solution, and thereafter make up an argumentation that explains why this or that was the right and only thing to do.

I wonder how the explanation would sound like if it happen to Khalid, what has happened thousands of other “bad Muslims”. If he is lynched or sentenced to death by a Sharia court?

Would they say that he was a provocateur who in word and act incited hatred, and therefore not could expect anything else, as he himself had prepared for?

Support Site with a detailed review of the case:

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  1. I’m very sorry for this guy. What is wrong with our refugee system (not just Sweden but whole of Europe)? We take the warlords in, and send the apostates back. Something is wrong, very very wrong….

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