Neutering of European males continues.

This is pathetic. We just recently heard about the Dutch Police refusing to patrol certain Muslim/immigrant enclaves due to the lawlessness of the areas, now its the Dutch Marines who are walking around with their tails between their legs in CuracaoKGS

NOTE: Looks like they have extra room for a tail due to the lack of something else.

Curaçao: Dutch Marine Soldiers Deadly Afraid of Criminals

BadNewFromtheNetherlands: The Liberal Party (VVD) and the Freedom Party want clarification from the government about news that criminals on the Dutch island of Curaçao are attacking Dutch marine soldiers and their families. The soldiers are deadly afraid of these criminals who also use violence against Dutch youngsters and regularly break into the soldiers families’ homes. Liberal Parliamentarian André Bosman wonders why the Netherlands subsidizes the Curaçao detective service..

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  1. This is what has happened to the Dutch after years of liberal softening. It wouldn’t surprise me if in the Police and the Armed Forces most of the training consists of ‘being taught to say the right thing’ and ‘how not to offend the enemy’ rather than being taught how to pick up a gun and actually use it!
    Lefty loons have forgotten the reason that taxpayers spend money on the Police and the Armed Forces in the first place – to fight crime and defend the country! They seem to think they can change the purpose of every institution, every organisation and every system that falls into their hands, in the same way that they are trying to re-invent the human race.

  2. What a retarded post. How would you feel about people breaking into your home where your kids are sleeping while you are away at sea? Oh wait I doubt you even have a family.

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