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It’s the exact opposite of what the present mayor, Michael Bloomberg is doing, which is why he is known as Bloomturd, thanks to M.Levin who has been calling him that for years. He’s just proving that he lives up to that name. KGS

Giuliani: I Would’ve Told OWS Protesters, ‘Streets Are Not For Sleeping’

CNSNews: Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity on his talk show yesterday that, if he was still mayor, he would have told the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, “You are not allowed to sleep on the streets.”

On his show, Hannity asked Giuliani how he would have dealt with the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement if he was still mayor of New York City – to which Giuliani replied, “Well I had a rule and I enforced it as best I could and pretty effectively. The rule was: You’re not allowed to sleep on the streets. Sorry, not allowed to sleep on the streets. Streets are not for sleeping.”

“Sleeping on the streets is a dysfunctional act. It harms the person, it harms society, it leads to unsanitary conditions that affect public health,” added Giuliani. “The first one who decided to sleep there should have been removed and then the second one, and the third one, and the fourth one and the fifth one.”

“They can protest during the daytime if they want to, but if you want to stay over in New York City overnight, you got to rent a room, and if you’re homeless we got plenty of shelters for you,” said Giuliani.

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  1. Bloomburg is too busy sucking up to muslims to notice his city has been taken over by the homeless,mentally ill,confused ,drug addicted and rebellion fantasizers.

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