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The very agency that Norway needs most, (the HRS) is being squeezed from funding. KGS

Bruce Bawer: A Blow to Freedom in Norway

[…] I have worked for HRS, and am proud of it.  Founded a decade ago by two women, Hege Storhaug and Rita Karlsen, with a passionate interest in guaranteeing the rights of Muslim women and girls living in Europe, it has always batted very much above its weight, producing solid reports that have led to important legislation in both Norway and Denmark relating to subjects like forced marriage, honor killing, genital mutilation, the sending of European Muslim children to Koran schools in Pakistan to be “educated,” and the difference between men’s and women’s right to divorce under sharia law.

HRS’s work has always been controversial among multiculturalists, because instead of bowing before the immigrant group and its cultural and religious values, HRS has fiercely defended the human rights and integrity of individuals within that group.  This emphasis differentiates it dramatically from a raft of other official and quasi-official “rights” groups in Norway and elsewhere in Europe, which produce little more than PC rhetoric designed to promulgate the idea that the only real problem with Islam in Europe is native Europeans’ Islamophobia.

The public face of HRS is Hege Storhaug.  Although her career has been driven by an ardent devotion to equality, religious liberty, and freedom of expression, she has consistently been smeared by left-wing critics as a disrespecter of Islam, and she was among the figures who were most brutally blasted by the cynical multiculturalists in the weeks after July 22.  Audun Lysbakken, a young member of the furthest left of Norway’s major parties, the Socialist Left (which makes Labor look moderate), serves as Minister of Children, Equality, and Social Inclusion; it is through his ministry that HRS is funded, and he has for some years now played the Javert to HRS’s Jean Valjean, making no secret of his eagerness to leave HRS high and dry.  July 22 provided him with a great deal of leverage to do so.  Now, with the release of next year’s budget, he would appear to have succeeded, if not entirely but in very large part, at his unworthy goal.

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  1. So not only did Norway’s politicians refuse to learn anything by the tragic events but they will dump the blame completely on those attempting to preserve freedom and human rights.And they will create more victims and punish those seeking to help them.

    All because a disturbed man chose the failure of multiculturalism as his political platform to kill people.What if he had picked Christians or the Chinese as his platform? Would these politicians ensure their victimization and deny them aid also?

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