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This is fresh off the wire. An Islam critic, J.Gehirn, attacked in Berlin, as in shot at. Details currently in German only. It involves a former Muslim who wrote a book about Mohammed. Will publish more details as soo as they come in.


(The book was Released in 2010)

BZ.Berlin: Now the 39-year-old is in Tempelhof on Thursday morning at 5:30 clock in the corner Ringstr. / Kurfürstenstr. has been shot at in a rented Renault.

Two men in another car gave understanding to the author via hand signals that he should stop his car.When this happened, one of the men got out, walked up to the Renault. The police then reported that three loud popping noises were heard. The windshield had damage similar to the one followed by being hit by a rock. While working on the crime scene, where officers also of the homicide and the forensic science involved, no projectiles could be found. Therefore is also not clear whether any shots were fired.

The 39-year-old was not injured in the attack. Then drove the second car from the scene of it.

The ring road was closed until shortly after 10 clock between Atilla and Gersdorf road in both directions.The Police State Protection of the State Criminal Police Office has taken over the investigation.

Gehirn was under the pseudonym J. Gehirn author to write in his book that many Koranic established traditions are not transferable to the present day. Thus the native Muslim denounced the situation including the disenfranchised women and sexual morality in Muslim countries.

According to his internet profile Gehirn was raised in a muslim country und came at the age of 15 to a western country. It is reported that he is married and father of a child

By his own account he developed into a macho type. He vent his anger which his faith has put on him and his dissatisfaction at his wife and children. For this he was put into prison. There he started to consider Islam more closely and that was the cornerstone for his Islam criticism.

NOTE: Special thanks to EuropeNews.de for help with the translation.

Google translation:

Critic of Islam was attacked in his car

Welt.de: Unknown assailants in Berlin have stopped the car of a writer critical of Islam and destroyed the windshield. The police are looking at the area with a drone.

Unknown on Thursday morning in Berlin-Tempelhof, an Islam critic was attacked in his car. The two perpetrators were the 39-year-olds on the ring road to meet with a car and stopped him before Teubertrücke. Then there were three popping noises and the windshield was destroyed. The passenger was uninjured.

Whether it is the bang noises – as first reported – is surplus to, initially remained unclear. The car window while pointing to a bullet-like hole, but the police found the car no projectile. Also of the perpetrators was no trace. The police searched the area with a drone – but without success.

As the police of the “Berliner Morgenpost Online” confirmed , it is the victim of an Author, who writes under the Psedonym J.Gehirn. The native has Muslims in his book, “Was it God’s or the word of a man?” dealt with the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

The ring road was blocked. The state security has taken over the investigation. The critics of Islam was questioned.

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  1. Shades of Theo van Gogh. Are we going to allow moslems the right to take the law into their own hands, as it applies to their faith? If they wish to live amongst us, they must be made to abide by the same laws and norms that we do.

    If they can not live by our laws, then perhaps they should return to the cesspits from whence they fled.

    1. Hoekom Jy My Haat?
      Their “Holy Book” tells them to.

  2. Islam is of the devil , Islam is Terrorism(jihad the Islamic law) .

  3. No place to hide in western countries for Apostates of islam. Shame!

    1. Why must there be the need to hide in the first place? If you are not safe in your own home where can you go?People of Europe, wake up, STOP THESE MAD MURDERS —-YOU make the state and what you do is what the state will follow. Be responsible ,educate the public about the Evil that is ISLAM… Be STRONG And they will think twice before attacking you!!!

  4. Why can’t you send them back to where they came from?

    1. kenkafir,” Why can’t you send them back to where they come from”? Evey well said, but we have Human Rights which protects them for being deported. It is our own laws which protects muslims here in E.U and Americas. Unless we change these law ,we are doomed. see http://www.compassdirect.org

  5. deport the lot. simply and quick. problems all solved. They brought it on themselves , the dirty shit bags.

  6. the whole world must wake up to these people of the religion…..the whole religion is bread from evil…….

  7. Its a ‘religion’ only in the sense that it makes unverifiable claims about the future and the reason for being here. It is more suitable to define it as a massive cult. Apart from that it is a political system with treasonous aims in every country it is set up. Not initially perhaps – but that is the thrust of their efforts – to create an Islamic superstate.

    an ‘IU’ if you will.

    Another country only too happy to become even more fundamentalist:


    at least when Gaddafi, Mubarek were in charge – the wardens, rather than the inmates were running the Islamic asylum in those countries.

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