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Will they be even asked? (rhetorical question.)

There is no reason for the Finnish taxpayer to fund such a thing. This is what happens in a country given over to big government statism, with the multiculturalism being “the guiding light” on how society should be run. This is a system of government that picks the winners and losers in society, whichever group happens to be in favor, you can count on the government to fund them at other people’s expense, meaning their liberty (read = pocket book). This is just another example of state tyranny. KGS

Rimke van der Veer, who heads such training in the Netherlands, said Dutch imams often act as part social worker, which requires deep knowledge of the local culture.
State and religion

According to Mohamed El-Fatatry, founder of the popular Muslim online community Muxlim, a fresh look is needed on religious leadership in general.

“We should redefine what an imam does, and the role of this religious institution in today’s world,” says El-Fatatry, who moved to Finland in 2004 from the United Arab Emirates. “People today have a strong individual identity and won’t just accept information that’s handed down.”

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