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The hatred that these fundamustard clerics have for “the other” is all rooted in Islamic texts, meaning the koran, the hadiths and the sunna of Mohamed that they follow. The anti-Semitism that flows from these texts and into the minds of the majority of Muslims in the ME and around the world should be worrisome for every person who believes in a liberal democracy. Remember, while they (those Muslims who take a fundamentalist/traditionalist view) openly loathe Jews, they also loathe you as well. KGS

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  1. After watching this, my first impression was that this is a decent man who simply believes in a moral code and wishes his country to abide by this code, which he claims should be implemented with ‘humility’.
    However, can he be trusted? What is his real agenda? And, if he can be trusted, is this just the thin end of the wedge? There will be more clerics like him to follow suit.
    The trouble with Islam is that it is always about illusion and self-delusion. There is no status quo until absolute tyranny has been reached. Egypt is heading towards disaster.

  2. Decent man??? He wants Sharia… you know.. the same law that allows stoning, cutting off hands, etc…

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