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While many Israelis are feeling happy about the release of this long held Israeli soldier, the Tundra Tabloids also grieves for the people whose loved ones were injured and/or murdered by many of those on the release list. Justice is being denied these people. The Israelis need to reinstate the death penalty (after Adolph Eichmann was executed)  for capital crimes to ensure that in the future, murderers are not released back onto the streets.

The only sensible thing to do now after this exchange, is to make sure that when the same individuals come again the wanted list (and they will), to meet them with a rocket carrying drone, in order to ensure that they’ll never be in any exchange deals in the future. KGS

“The Jewish people is a special people, responsible for one another,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the opening of the cabinet meeting. “Our sages teach that those who save one Jewish life, it’s as if they have saved an entire world. Today I am bringing a proposal for the saving of Gilad Schalit in order to bring him back, finally, after five years, to his home, to Israel.”

The cabinet vote brought close to conclusion a saga that tortured the Schalit family – and the country – for more than five years, and which made the kidnapped soldier, now 25, a household name in large parts of the world. In return for Schalit, Israel will release 1,027 prisoners, some 400 of them prisoners serving long sentences for some of the worst terrorist atrocities in the country’s history.

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  1. This is an international public relations coup that can’t be passed up.

    Here are just a few lessons from this that should be pointed out to the world.

    It proves Israel respects individual life and will do anything for peace. The arabs return this sentiment by demanding everything for peace yet never giving peace no matter how much they are given.

    Arabs cynically exploit Israel’s higher moral and ethical standards while having no desire to match them.

    Israel had so many prisoners to trade because they are more humane and respect the lives of military enemies. Arabs kill their enemies and only take prisorers to torture for infromation and pleasure, lynch in front of crowds to enhance their perverted version of patriotism or hold them for ransom.

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