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The Tundra Tabloids just received the following letter from Frimet Roth, with permission to publish. Fromit and Arnold Roth lost their daughter Malka in the Palestinian terrorist attack on Jews eating in the Sbarro pizza parlor in 2001, she has every right to be outraged over the release of their daughter’s murderer, they are being denied justice.  KGS

Along with the entire nation, I am relieved and happy that Gilad Shalit will be returning home imminently. But I am shocked and deeply pained that this is being achieved by the mass release of cold-blooded murderers.

One of them is Ahlam Tamimi, a proud terrorist and the unrepentant murderer of my fifteen year old daughter, Malki. Tamimi transported the 10 kg. bomb, handed it to her accomplice and then led him on foot to the door of the target she had selected, Jerusalem’s crowded Sbarro restaurant. Seven men and women and eight children perished. 130 people were injured. She was sentenced to sixteen terms of life in prison.

Tamimi declared that she does not regret what she did. She actually smiled when told the number of children whose lives she took.

With today’s decision to free the terrorists, prime minister Netanyahu, a savvy politician to the core, conveys to us his disdain for the lives of ordinary citizens like my Malki; his disrespect for Israel’s justice system; and his lack of regard for the soldiers who faced death in order to apprehend the terrorists about to be freed.

Which rational soldier or police officer is going risk his life in the future to defend us from the monsters like Tamimi, sworn to murder still more Jews?

The prime minister is quoted this morning saying that his “heart goes out” to Israel’s many terror victims. His actions and those of his cabinet suggest otherwise. How can they sleep at night, knowing the peril they have brought onto their people?

Frimet Roth

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  1. deal a horrific decision by Netanyahu on so many levels, even more stupid than unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza

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