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But of course it’s not an ethnic Finn, but a Somali with Finnish citizenship. This has been predicted by the TT for a long time, its not a question of if, but of when. KGS

Finland’s first terrorism case expands to include Finnish citizen

YLE: Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) says it now suspects four individuals of engaging in the recruitment and financing of terrorists through the Somali militant group al-Shabab. NBI inspector Jaakko Christensen says all four suspects are Somalis, though the newest suspect also has Finnish citizenship. Police say some of the suspects are currently out of the country. Last Friday police released from custody a 28-year-old woman suspect in the case. She was, however, placed under a travel ban. A new suspect was apprehended in the case on the same day. A 34-year-old male suspect still remains under lock and key. Police have been investigating the case since last spring. Officials have until December 15 to formally charge the suspects.

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  1. I always laugh when I see stories like: three British terrorists caught. They actually mean: Muslims with a UK passport.

  2. So, NATO’s order of the day – to manufacture Islamic terrorism – has reached all the way to Finland. Apparently it takes a message a long time to travel between Brussels and Helsinki.

    Didn’t anyone of you guys notice how Islamic terrorism is manufactured by the police and secret services? Where have you been living since 2001?

    1. Oh, you mean the police and secret services wrote the koran.

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