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Bosnian family earning over $121,000 on welfare in Ireland

Unemployed couple with four children takes home $2,385 a week for doing nothing 

An unemployed married couple from Bosnia, with four children, is taking home over $121,000 (€90,000) per year in welfare checks.

The couple, who live in Dublin, takes home $2,385 (€1,763) per week.

Labour Party Senator Jimmy Harte has called for a cap on the amount of social welfare payments a family can receive. Harte received the information about this family from the Department of Social Protection officials. He says that $68,000 (€50,000) is more than enough for one family per year.

Harte said “The family are doing nothing illegal but the system is wrong when a couple are able to receive €90,000 [$121,000] per year for doing nothing. I don’t think this sort of payment is acceptable in the good times, never mind the bad times we find ourselves in now.

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  1. Oh for doing nothing, so a doctor’s salary is not enough for one family a year? So the better option is to have a engineer’s salary?

    Why would they want to work and make less money when they can be paid BIG MONEY for not working? Wouldn’t this just encourage more Muslims to immigrate?

    I would not be surprised if the money is donated to “charity” by the family which is more than likely somehow used to fund terrorists.

    This is outrageous! It must be stopped!

    1. That’s a lot of ‘dough’. I wonder if some derelict dirtbag from the ‘mosque’ makes his monthly rounds and collects a ‘slice’ of tribute from the ‘faithful’, to be forwarded to the radical Islamists for the ‘Jihad against the ‘Infidels’. I was pondering the fact that to maintain a ‘mosque’ and it’s expenses, especially the loudmouth Imams takes a big chunk of cash to feed, supply and house them. IMHO the dole collectively, adding up the billions of Euros paid out monthly throughout the EU could be funding the destruction of Europe. If they are handing out that kind of money and the recipients and they are living in poverty the money is going somewhere. However the no balls political class will still do nothing, but grovel and submit to Islam.

  2. No one said that the family were Muslim.Not all of the Bosnian are Muslim they can be Orthodoxes too or other religion. Would like to know how they got such an amount do.

  3. Interesting comments above. Do you people check Muslims bank accounts to know where the money is going and who the Muslims found?

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