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This speaks of the symbiosis that’s developed over the past three decades between the Arabs and the international media. It might be stunning to you the viewer, but for those of us who have followed the Arabs’ self imposed conflict with the Jewish state of Israel, it’s an everyday, run-of-the-mill occurrence.

It also sometimes includes the willful direction by these same cameramen and photo journalists with the Arab “activists”, to bring you the best footage available. It’s a sham, a ruse that’s meant to fool you, and shamefully it’s very effective.

The Arabs themselves also have their own department of propaganda that’s been accurately labelled as Pallywood. That same industry brought you the staged Muhammad al-Durah shooting which helped launch the first “intifadah”. Watch this in full, and spread it around as much as possible. KGS

H/T: Brian of London

Presentation of Photojournalism Behind the Scenes, an auto-critical photo essay showing the paradoxes of conflict-image production and considering the role of the photographer in the events.

This project was awarded the Photodreaming Contest organized by Forma Foundation in which I was then selected by Denis Curti, the director of Contrasto (the major photo-agency in Italy, which represents Magnum’s work in the country and for which the top Italian photographers work) to shoot an assignment for the prestigious agency.

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  1. The whole concept of photos and video filming is to sell a ‘news’ story or use the images as propaganda. However not being there in person we only see what others want us to see and not what is so often eliminated or edited. I always use the quote “if it bleeds it leads, and if it burns it earns”.

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