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It just won’t melt!

There was so much snow last year that a dumping ground filled with the white stuff still remains unmelted. Global warming scare mongers will twist it either way, but the facts remain, the earth has entered a cooling period due to cosmic circumstances beyond our control and we just have to learn to live with it. KGS

Helsinki still copes with last winter’s snow

With just a month or so to go before the first crystal-like flakes fall from the sky, the City of Helsinki is still waiting for some of last winter’s snow to melt. A massive stockpile of snow at the Maununneva landfill site still stands up to ten metres high. Fresh snow cannot be dumped there until the old has finally melted away.

Fresh snow from falls next winter will be taken, for example, to a site near Sompasaari and to other makeshift landfills set up on fields.

Ville Alatyppö, Project Manager at the city’s building department hopes new alternative landfill sites can soon be found.

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