Anti-Islamization Austria Lawfare



Multi-culti rule number one, though shalt not criticize Islam.

You can very well bet that the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is pressuring the spineless Austrian government to prosecute the man who invented the highly popular game, that is in fact more of an instructional tool than a game. Where ever the mono-culture of Islam pops up it’s head, the culture of the host land is under threat, step by step.

This latest attempt in Islamo-lawfare at the behest of the dhimmified Austrian government needs to be highlighted and actively and effectively protested. KGS

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  1. Since when is incitement against archetecture illegal? This is an excuse for an attack against a political organizatin that is going to put established polititions out of work. The established politicals in Austria want these guys prosecuted because they see this party as “incitement” against them holding onto their cushy jobs.

  2. The new EU directive

    Jokes are not allowed if they offend the sensitivity of the RoP.

    As Khomeini stated, “There is no fun in Islam”.

  3. Maybe we should have another movie based in Austria. Let me see

    The Sound of Muezzin


    The hills are alive with the sound Muezzin

    with adhans they have heard many times before



    High on a hill was lonely Muslim goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
    Loud was the voice of the lonely Muslim goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

    On second thoughts, I should go no further.

    1. RE: The hills are alive with the sound Muezzin

      Unhappily apt. If The Sound of Music were made today the family would be copts and would be fleeing for their lives from the Brotherhood dominated Egypt.

  4. So where does the EU draw the line?
    Death threats,harrassment,rape and hate speech are legal for muslims but a video game made by a citizen is illegal?
    Will all speeches ,books,music,games,tv shows,food, clothes and opinions be banned unless muslims approve of them?
    Is Europe so afraid and subjugated they will just give away thousands of years of evolution,history and culture ?
    Will they have stonings and beheadings by this time next year and call it religious freedom?

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