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This is the kind of behavior that’s to be expected when Islamization reaches critical mass proportions. The next phase is to ban pork entirely in order to avoid such a scenario. Just wait and watch…or act and protest against your dhimminization. Tired of being duped by the authorities and Islam apologists? Get activated, motivated and inform others, your family and friends and people at work. KGS

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IT was a bloody brawl allegedly sparked by a hamburger with bacon. Now 32 witnesses will be called to give evidence at a hearing about how an incorrect order allegedly led to a violent assault on two police officers at a McDonald’s in April.

Mouhamad Khaled, 23, his 20-year-old girlfriend Daphne Florence Austin and his father Walid Khaled, 53, have been charged over the brawl at the Bankstown fast food outlet.

In Burwood Local Court yesterday, Magistrate Christopher Longley set a hearing date in February for Austin and Walid Khaled, who have each pleaded not guilty to charges linked to the brawl.

Mr Longley was told the prosecution will call 29 witnesses and the defence will call three people.

Mouhamad Khaled is yet to enter a plea to six charges, including inflicting grievous bodily harm on a police officer, and will be dealt with at a separate hearing.

Police allege the trouble began when the group began abusing counter staff because their hamburger contained bacon.

Police who were on the premises spoke to Walid Khaled about his alleged offensive behaviour. When he allegedly continued to swear, police tried to arrest him.

Police allege they were assaulted by Mouhamad Khaled and Austin, prompting them to use capsicum spray and batons.

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  1. IMHO these so-called devout ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ should avoid patronizing any establishment that is frequented by the unclean, unholy, Infidel and is not certified ‘halal’ by an Imam, thus avoiding any problems. In plain language STFO of our restaurants and places of entertainment.

    1. Ur a pretty big boy Mr Big Frank. Keyboard warrior! Always to sides to a story. Might I add, 1st rule in life believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear, always two sides to a story 😉

  2. I know these 2 well and if were Muslim and got bacon put on my burger I would be very upset as mohumed was and I think it was deliberit coz who puts bacon on a big mac?

    1. Sure they sell bacon on a Big Mac. Besides, no slight, real or imagined, should lead to violent confrontations.

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