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How is it that the police hierarchy never manages to put Anjem Choudary on the spot, never tightens his screws except to continuously ban his registered groups, that he keeps bringing back to life? Just asking. KGS

The Persecution of Tommy Robinson

By Ignominius in September 26th 2011

Tommy Arrested

The State Persecution of Tommy Robinson

On the 29th of September, Tommy Robinson is due to make yet another appearance in court on trumped up charges.  He will of course deny al the charges.  The question, however, that we should be asking the authorities is this.  How many more trumped up charges can the authorities bestow on Tommy Robinson ?

Once again the leader of the English Defence League has been charged with what seem to be  ‘ made-up ’ charges.  Tommy Robinson,  a father of three from Luton,  was sentenced to a  12-month community rehabilitation order,  150  hours of unpaid work and given a three-year football banning order.He was also ordered to pay  £650  in costs.  He was charged with using threatening,  abusive or insulting behaviour and accused of leading Luton’s hooligans into a fight.  The only evidence that seems available to the Police at the time was that Tommy shouted  ‘ EDL until I die ’ before running at the Newport County supporters.  This is a heinous crime,  obviously,  and should be dealt with at the very highest level !   If it was anybody else other than Tommy Robinson,  it wouldn’t have even made it to the column inches of the local  ‘ rag ’ ,  never mind the pages of a respected broadsheet.  The Guardian printed this story as if it was ground-breaking news,  you would have thought something worthy of the column inches was being reported,    Madeleine McCain being found for instance.

Worryingly this is becoming all the more common,  Tommy Robinson is being victimised and hounded at his every move,  akin to the lead up to Lady Diana’s ’ death,  such is the feeding frenzy of the pap’s for an ‘ exclusive ’ on Tommy Robinson.    He denied the charge but was convicted after a trial at Luton and South Bedfordshire magistrates ’ court.   Outside court he said he was being persecuted for his    beliefs.

” I am being done for what I am saying rather than what I am doing, ” he  said.  “ In the last  12  months I’ve been banned from protesting,  going to the football and my assets have been frozen.    It is a police state. ”

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  1. KGS

    See this

    Creator of Bye Bye Mosque Game Faces up to 2 Years in Prison
    10:21 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

    The FPO (Freedom Party of Austria) politician Gerhard Kurzmann is to appear in front of a court on October 14, charged with incitement. He faces up to 2 years in prison. The charges relate to his role in creating the Moschee Baba [Bye Bye Mosque] flash game, shown above.


  2. The sycophants, apologists,lackeys, and lapdogs of Islam in the UK are using every devious police state tactic to crush the EDL. These heavy handed methods are the same that were used by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and many third world dictators in recent history, false charges, arrest, rearrest, fear, and intimidation of friends and family. I fear for Mr. Robinson’s safety, either by the hand of the government or letting something ‘happen’ that they could easily prevent. The fools in the UK government are in for a rude awakening ,the average bloke is only going to take so much of witnessing his country being destroyed by the elected representatives that are supposed to uphold the law ans serve all of the people equally, and not cater only to the Muslim community. It would not shock me if there were more surveillance of the EDL, its members, and more government spies planted in it’s ranks then in the radical Muslim extremist groups.

  3. I can not claim to understand British laws but this gentleman is banned from sports events for speaking about freedom?
    Community service for peaceful demonstrations where his group were violently attacked?
    Wasn’t an elderly man prosecuted for placing bacon near a mosque?

    Something is very,very wrong in the UK when childish pranks and personal opinions are used to convict loyal citizens and terrorists walk free.

    This sounds like communist Russia .

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