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Oh, and you can take that to the bank, the Arabs are going to unleash mayhem, they wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t. KGS

IDF prepares for escalation in West Bank violence


IDF gearing up for violent demonstrations in W. Bank amid concern that PA President Abbas’s speech at UN will increase “resistance.”

The IDF is gearing up for an escalation in violent demonstrations in the West Bank this week amid concern that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the United Nations on Friday will motivate the public to increase their “resistance.”

“We see calls for escalation on the Palestinian street and expect more stone throwing over the coming days,” a senior IDF officer said. On Sunday, the Central Command will review its current deployment and depending on developments, consider the possible release of several units from active duty in the West Bank to return to training.

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2 Responses

  1. It has already begun.The PA rock throwers are attacking.

  2. As usual these ‘peace loving people’ will use their children and women as cannon fodder when provoking the IDF , hoping for blood to be spilled for their propagandist ‘photo ops’. The Biased MSM is just waiting for an opportunity to defame the IDF.

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