Counterjihad Islam in the UK



Wall to wall with Muslims and leftists. The Tundra Tabloids is in London, with more details to follow in the upcoming days, so stay tuned. The Counterjihad is on the move. KGS

The Mayor of London’s ‘bright idea’, getting people used to seeing Islam up front and in their face.

Don’t worry mate, it’s Halal!

What multicultural event like this wouldn’t be complete with out lefty morons giving “free hugs” to everyone. Oh and they were only hugging ethnic Englanders, in a non-gender apartheid way, not one Muslima in a hijab was seen hugging these clowns.

Oh, and this douche wouldn’t answer my question as to why we should fund Hamas terrorists that intentionally booby trapped their own people’s homes that were destroyed in the last conflict there. As well as not having an answer to the fact that shopping malls are springing up there and that the average Palestinian is struggling with obesity.

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  1. Rebuilding Gaza LOL
    Stop giving terrorists money! Not a penny for Gaza!

  2. It’s plain to see, right in front of our faces, the sycophants, apologists, lackeys, and lapdogs of Islam in all levels of the UK government are always bending over backwards to accommodate, placate, and bow to the ‘needs’ and ‘desires’ of the ‘Muslim community’. For this all they get in return is insults, ingratitude, arrogance, aggravation, and more demands.

  3. I had cause to go into a muslim bookshop. There were 3 muslim men and a muslima in there. I’m polite, middle class, clean and well-mannered. I waited for them to finish speaking, before I asked the proprietor if he had the book I sought. As I finished my question the muslima turned round, and she practically jumped out of her skin in disgust, seeing a man stood next to her who was clearly not a muslim.

    I guess it’s just as well I didn’t offer her a hug.

    I had considered taking my secret video recording equipment, but hadn’t thought there would be anything worth recording. I wish I had now.

    1. Thanks James, your story is sadly becoming all to familiar. Next time do please take recoding equipment, citizen journalism is the way to go.

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