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It’s shameful that Finland -under the disingenuous, misguided notion, that “to be there is to influence the participants”- plans to attend. It’s also shameful that Finland has an ex-president (Martti Ahtisaari) flapping his gums in favor of UDI. Please read Weinthal’s thoughtful piece on why Durban III and UDI should be seen as a two pronged approach at delegitimizing Israel. KGS

“All the world’s major democracies have pulled out of Durban III because they have finally understood exactly that. Durban is not about combating racism, it is about demonizing Jews and the Jewish state.”

UN statehood and Durban III part of ‘one-two punch’

09/20/2011 05:08

Analysis: Experts to address both at NY conference; ‘Post’ journalist to speak at counter Durban conference.

BERLIN – This week will see two seemingly separate anti- Israel events coalesce at the United Nations. The first is the Palestinian Authority’s move to secure recognition as a new member state of the United Nations by circumventing the negotiating peace process with Israel. The second event is the infamous UN-sponsored anti- Israel Durban III anti-racism ten-year commemoration event.

Leading experts in the field of international relations are slated to argue at a counter- Durban III conference titled “The Perils of Global Intolerance: the United Nations and Durban III,” on September 22 that there are important interconnections between the unilateral Palestinian statehood bid and Durban III. In short, both events, say some experts, are two wings of the same anti- Semitic and anti-Israel bird.

The UN anti-racism conference, which was dubbed Durban after the South African city where the notorious 2001 event took place, has earned a global reputation as a vehicle for stoking anti-Semitism and racism. A sizable number of Durban I conference participants openly championed Hitler’s destruction of European Jewry, and sought to modernize and extend his lethal anti-Semitism to Israel.

All of this helps to explain why some experts see an interplay between the PLO’s goal to create a state fused with the terror group Hamas, whose goal is the abolition of the Jewish state, and the commemoration of an anti-racist conference, namely Durban III, which has, sadly, turned out to be filled with a hate-based UN-sponsored agenda.

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  1. Almost inconceivable that a democracy such as Finland would actually attend such a useless gobfest in the first place.

    And why can’t political has-beens like Ahtisaari just quietly fade away. What is the matter with the guy? Surely as a past President of Finland he would have been expected to show better judgement than to associate himself with this vile crowd?

    And I expect some jackass from Norway will be sucking up to these thugs too?

  2. They can all compare their brave acts of antisemitism and unparalleled racism.

    Like Norway and Sweden ignoring the rape of it’s own women and children in favor of muslim criminals. The mass murders in Africa,India,Indonesia,the middle east .The religious persecutions by muslims.The subjugation of France,Norway,Sweden and the UK.

    Ah the bragging of mass immigrant invasions,rape of societies,domination of the weak and ignorant,the power rush of terrorism ,hangings of gays,excitement of FGM,infiltration of educational systems,erections of mosques the groveling of greedy politicians ,the photos of all the death and destruction .
    Good times.
    Hitler,Mao,Stalin,Pot,Khomeini,Hussein ,Bonaparte ,Muhammad ,Martin Luther, Guevara,Castro ,Mussolini,Trotsky,Marx, Vaidya,Tito,Quisling etcetc would be so proud.

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