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They never stop with the lies now do they? How can anyone with a straight face believe in this junk science, after time and again a new GW scam gets uncovered? KGS

It came after a group of leading  polar scientists from Cambridge University wrote to them saying their changes were ‘incorrect and misleading’ and that the true rate of melting has been far slower.

Experts from the University’s internationally-renowned Scott Polar Research Institute said the apparent disappearance of 115,830 sq miles of ice had no basis in science and was contradicted by recent satellite images.

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  1. No matter where you look, the lies go on day after day wherever the left are concerned.

    I heard some more of this tom-foolery tonight on the Sydney multicultural TV channel from Brian Thomson repeating the same old lies about the occupation of palestinian territories.

    There are no palestinian territories and never have been. There is no occupation and never has been.

    Unfortunately the average reader is very ill-informed and relies on spoon feeding from the biased MSM about the bad Israelis and the terrible doom about to fall on us all due to global warming.

    And the whole climate change thing is just a gigantic hoax.

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words even when it is an outright lie.

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