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From Law and Freedom: Round one to us in Uxbridge!

Posted on September 13, 2011 by Eeyore

In June 2011, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association lodged a confident planning application for a – you guessed it! – “community centre” in Uxbridge.

But there is already a community centre next door! We all know how Islam has always bent over backwards to promote wellbeing in the country it inflicts itself upon (whoops! I mean “enriches with its presence”!), but building a new community centre smack next door to an existing one is too much even by their standards. Surely the mosque outfit are not being coy about a mosque proposal?!

Given their confident tone, imagine our surprise when this application was pulled a week ago, and an appeal lodged for “non-determination”. The mosque outfit didn’t want to wait for the Council decision. Fancy that!

Could this have anything to do with the number of objections coming in against the application?

Just to recap: in 2010 the Muslim Association applied to turn the Hillingdon Irish Centre members club into a “community centre”. They withdrew that application rather than get a refusal. But they reapplied in June 2011, this time offering 2 extra car spaces!

More here at Vlad’s place!

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  1. Although it seems the local muslims seem determined to undermine all our local opposition & press ahead with or without planning permission to build a mosque in west drayton. They are already using the small shop (formally the opticians in station rd) “ILLEGALLY” & are begging for £275,000 to convert the property into a mosque with gold & everything, to house up to 450 worshippers in an area which is already a CPZ & regularly has a dispersal order enforced,
    Is it their strategy to move into these premises & begin to use them illegally in a hope that as its already in full swing no one at the planning Dept will object??? They seem to think their religion is more important than any of our rules, Laws, or regulations! & pretty much seem to get away with flouting all of the above! Enough surely is enough, the vast majority of local people have witnessed the islamification of hayes & are dead set against this happening in westdrayton!

    1. Hi Paul, please, if you have any url links to what you’re saying forward them to me, I’ll be in email contact with you shortly.

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