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The UK is not the only state since 911 that has pursued policies counterproductive to the public that they’re supposedly protecting, and no the TT isn’t talking about tightened security policies that violate civil rights, it’s also been successive US governments. Not naming the enemy and allowing Islamization to proceed unhindered has been one of the grossest violations of the public’s trust by these governments, their bureaucracies as well as by the media in general.  KGS

Britain has travelled steadily towards the edge of the cliff in the years since 9/11

Last updated at 9:23 PM on 12th September 2011

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 has been marked by a fresh outbreak in Britain of the political equivalent of auto-immune disease: treating the mortal enemies of the west as the victims of the west, while treating the west’s defenders as its mortal enemies.

One thing al Qaeda got right about Britain and Europe (but not about the patriotic heartlands of the US) was that they no longer had the will to fight and die for their beliefs because they no longer knew what they were.

Surely, however, even al Qaeda could not have envisaged quite how stunningly incapable the western intelligentsia and political class would be of grasping the difference between civilisation and its would-be destroyers, and how comprehensively they would therefore play into the Islamists’ hands – even now, ten years on.

For the chattering classes seem determined to give al Qaeda a helping hand in reducing the west to a state of paralysis and impotence. According to liberal opinion, every single thing America did after 9/11 was wrong.


Back in the 1990s, Nazir-Ali warned the British government that large numbers of British Muslims were being dangerously radicalised. What’s the difference between his situation then and now? In the 1990s, ministers simply didn’t believe him when he told the truth about the Islamisation of Britain and the need to defend the west against a civilisational attack; his warnings were ignored. In 2009, he was effectively driven out of office in the Church of England because he told the truth about the Islamisation of Britain and the need to defend the west against a civilisational attack.

That is how Britain has travelled in the past ten years since 9/11 – steadily towards the edge of the cliff. And Lemmingland is still travelling in exactly the same direction.

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  1. The animated graphic included with this post is begging to be photoshopped. Take a look at the ‘reflecting pools’ sitting in the Twin Towers footprint aka Ground Zero Memorial. The design just pours salt into an already festering wound. It looks like the underbelly of the kabbah has punctured the globe and is sucking the life blood out of Manhattan to quench allahs blood lust.
    All the zombie people drawn towards the pits of hell in that animated graphic are those who continue to be hypnotized by the “Islam is Peace” and must be tolerated mantra.

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