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‘Libyan rebels guilty of committing war crimes’

09/13/2011 09:26

Amnesty International reports both pro and anti Gaddafi forces guilty of human rights abuses, urges NTC to launch investigation.

LONDON – Forces on both sides of the Libyan war have committed war crimes and the country risks descending into a bloody cycle of attacks and reprisals unless order can be established, human rights group Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

Muammar Gaddafi’s attacks on civilian protesters were a crime against humanity, while arbitrary detentions, torture of prisoners and widespread abductions were war crimes, the London-based charity said in a report.

Amnesty also criticized Libya’s opposition forces and said Gaddafi’s fall from power after 42 years had left a “security and institutional vacuum” that they exploited to carry out revenge killings and torture.

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  1. The actions of all parties in Libya reflect their primitive attitude and lack of humanity, compassion, and common decency found in our Western culture. They are still locked in the 7th century mindset of a tribal culture and Islam. Instead of a revolution freeing the people, the country is spiraling downward into an orgy of violence and vengeance, where old scores are settled and new alliances formed. The result will be another religious dictatorship, run or influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood, cleverly disguised as a government.

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