9/11 Never Forget EDL


This is of course in the face of fundamustards standing across from the same address shouting profanities and provocations at the US embassy and burning a US flag. Scroll to the 2 minute mark and watch it from there. Disgusting. KGS

Kevin Carroll to the police: “You just facilitated in the humiliation of our entire country.”

UPDATE: EDL speaks of its disgust over the removal its members from laying wreaths at the US embassy in honoring 9/11 victims.

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  1. The British police have been castrated by a succession of governments and by dhimmis in Brussells. This is what should have happened if we lived in a sane world:

    1/ The Muzz protestors who had their faces covered would have been ordered by the police to uncover in the same way that a non-Muslim wearing a balaclava would have been made to.
    2/The arrival of the wreath-layers would have caused the Police to break up the Muslim demonstration and arrest any who refused to comply.
    3/ Choudary and his goons promply arrested for disturbance of the peace, charged and deported to some Mid-East hell-hole for treason.

    Sadly, none of the above happened because Britain doesn’t belong to the Brits any more.

  2. My condolences to the people of the UK on the loss of your country and your values.

  3. . . how on earth this scumbags are even let walk the streets of Europe makes me sick, each & everyone of them should get what Bin Laden . .

  4. If one has to become a traitor and turn against their own in order to keep their job, I don’t think it’s worth it. These UK bobbies better get some balls before their masters become the muslim scum they protect for their paycheques. It is absolutely disgusting.

    And the EDL et all will have to learn that peaceful protests will never win this war. The muslims and the police only respect violence & power. The most violence wins.

    1. WPF, I disagree, keeping it peaceful is first of all being lawful, we’re not anarchists and not like the opposition. The only way to reach the public is to remain peaceful, the lawfullnes of our movement will be the magnet to draw others. We are not a mob.

      1. Time will tell but it isn’t looking good for our side.

        I don’t normally condone violence but in the case of islam I make a necessary exception.

  5. For live “as it happen” events that we all need to know about, Tundratabloids is by far the best.

    Well done KGS. And where will it all end? I feel sorry for the police – they are carrying out the will of their craven masters. Fear of this cult is the motivating force that denies the police the right to intervene against these hate filled misfits – bringing total shame on the whole country. (Just implementing Section 14 of the Public Order Act ?!?!) What a farce.

    1. Thank you very much Raymond, I try my best. I received a comment by someone in private mail, an American, who said that he had spoken with the police in London about the EDL and ISlam etc., and was told to get on with it, forgive Islam and move on. Can you believe it? The man was flabbergasted. The PC mentality has seeped into every nook and cranny, it’s going to take decades to reverse it.

  6. As I have stated before ,at one time it was said “Britannia rules the waves” now for sure “Britannia waves the rules”, It is sickening to witness these inbred mutants being given all types of special privileges , and red carpet treatment, while Englishmen attempted to lay a wreath of mourning and remembrance at the US Embassy.The political class IMHO in the UK has prostituted themselves to the Islamists. I assume just like in the USA they have been wined, dined, and pocket lined with filthy money from the ME, and pressured by the left. These poor excuses for representatives of the people are running scared and are so PC they are crapping in their pants at the slightest accusation of bias or racism against the Muslim community.

    1. Big Frank, I can attest to that. You have been the constant voice warning about the UK’s slip and slide into oblivion.

      1. That’s right Big Frank. Your diagnosis is 100% spot on.

        Political correctness is the basic danger we all face. It runs like a scabby thread from the thirties and the emergence of the Franfurt School to 2011 and its crazy ideology that conflates Marxism and Culture.

        1. They will more than likely find a cure for cancer decades before there is a cure found for communism. When we the enlightened try to have a civil discussion with others as to the dangers of Marxism, Leninism, and other leftist ideologies we are viewed as crackpots or paranoid alarmists. However I will stand my ground, and stick to my principles.

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