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This is the handiwork of German National Socialism during WWII. Marxist Communist (internationalist) Socialism has claimed yet even more lives than their hated rival siblings, the Nazis. This is the full flowering of genocidal mayhem that can only flourish within ranks of the statists. Why anyone would join a party in the present age with the word socialist attached to it, or even a party that promotes it under a different name is beyond me. KGS

NOTE: Warning, this video contains every grisly scene you could imagine.

Description: In 1945, the American, Canadian and British armies entered the Rhineland. In it they faced the grisly horror of the Nazi Concentration camps. Hidden by the BBC for decades and deemed unsuitable and unfit for viewing by the general public. Recently released, and kept alive by a short few people for audiences around the world, no one can forget this happened, lest if we forget history, we forget humanity.

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  1. Least we forget history , it will be repeated. While on vacation a few years ago I visited the death camps at Auschwitz -Berkenau , spent the whole day there, and took the English speaking tour, just seeing this horrid place has left a haunting impression on me. The Polish government has done a good job of preserving this ‘residence of death’., for all to witness I purchased a few books at the bookstore, too graphic in word and pictures for the weak at heart.

    1. Thanks Big Frank, I appreciate these words. Horrid is the exact wording I would have used. I hope that the TT’s readers read your comments often.

  2. You’ll notice that nowhere in the narration is this described as a “WAR AGAINST THE JEWS”.

    How British of them!

    It is amazing that then as now, nobody cares about the FACT that this was a WAR AGAINST THE JEWS.

    When we see Israel portrayed as “Nazis”, let us not be surprised. The WAR AGAINST THE JEWS of 1933-1945 was covered up by the historians of the day; just as it is today.

    Just in case you didn’t notice.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

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