Bwhahahahahahaha! The former mayor (former mayor, Ray Nagin, Dem.) left his entire fleet of busses in a parking lot instead of utilizing them to evacuate his city’s citizens to safer ground. The media is feckless and void of intelligence. The way they should have introduced the failed mayor of New Orleans to the program, “he poster child of what a mayor shouldn’t do in the path of an approaching hurricane.” What a joke. KGS

Vlad explains: On the 26 August 2011 edition of The Early Show, CBS somehow thought it was appropriate to bring on former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to offer “lessons learned from other hurricanes,” as Hurricane Irene bore down on the East Coast. Anchor Chris Wragge failed to ask Nagin about his failures in leadership in the lead-up to Hurricane Katrina, and twice labeled his guest an “expert in the field.”

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  1. This implies that somewhere, out there, there is/are [a] viewer[s] who actually lend[s] credibility to this insanity. Is this the result of conditioned parenting/education foisted on society in the last few decades – where the child’s ‘self-esteem’ is valued above and beyond all else? Regardless the consequences? The entire MSNBC network wreaks of the fallout of this stupidity. No accountability for mistakes made . Take Ray Nagin, [please, do take him]. Leads one to think Nagin probably has a framed picture of that fleet of busses sitting idle, saturated under Katrina’s ‘unexpected’ surge – defiantly centered on his office wall bearing a gold star and a smeared lipstick kiss marks from his very own mommy dearest – directly above an imagined MSNBC award for excellence (spit).

  2. Before a natural disaster befalls your city make sure that have installed a large enough welfare class base, you know, the takers from the productive, so that your city will be assured of having a Democratic mayor and city council. Once the total incompetency is in place, then structure your anticipated response as proportional to the pending disaster. In my case flooding was predicted so I moved all of the school buses to a central location which was at a low point in the city’s topography. Not only were these buses not utilized to transport people out of the danger zones but when they became mechanically useless, it assured our city of further federal dollars for repair. This in addition to the heartache caused to all the stranded citizens made for a wrenching set of pictures. Democratic incompetence is a beauty to behold, ain’t it?

    Then the next step of course is playing the race card. This one is particularly useful in masking Democratic incompetence and corruption.

    And on and on,

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