He served only ten months in prison for crying out loud! It’s an outrage, he wasn’t even committed to a mental institution, he’s suddenly cured so out he comes! Talk about a miscarriage of justice. KGS

Court releases man who killed Ior Bock

Stabber found to have been suffering from psychotic episode

Court releases man who killed Ior BockA 29-year-old man who stabbed Finnish mystic Ior Bock to death last autumn was released by Helsinki District Court on Tuesday even though the court found that he had committed the homicide.

The man, who had served as Bock’s housekeeper and personal assistant, was ruled to have been suffering from a psychotic episode, rendering him incapable of understanding the implications of his actions.

According to a mental evaluation, the man has already recovered from his psychotic delusions, which is why he was not ordered into treatment. 

The defendant, who had spent ten months in prison, burst into tears when the judge said that he was free to go.

“I have understood that he will return to India now. He has been sad the whole time, and has regretted his action. He does not want to downplay what he did at all”, said defence lawyer Olli Etelämäki.

 Prosecutor Antti Hiivala would not say on Tuesday if he would appeal the decision.

The Indian man said that he had killed Bock in a psychotic state. He said that he had heard voices, and thought that Bock was a devil.

Etelämäki said that the man’s condition improved during his imprisonment, during which he was given medication and other treatment.

The doctors who conducted the mental evaluation said that the man had been unable to understand the implications of his act at the time.

The doctors said that he had suffered from an “acute polymorphous psychotic disturbance”, and that his state of mind was affected by unusual and extreme work and living conditions in Bock’s apartment in the Munkkiniemi district of Helsinki.

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  1. Wow, cured after just 10 months? That’s one hell of a patient. Or it’s one hell of a justice system.

    1. The doctor’s evaluation makes no sense. If the man had experienced a psychotic episode at the time of the homicide (and that would be impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt), and it was not caused by hallucinogenic drugs, he would require ongoing monitoring and continuiing medication.
      Psychotic episodes do not just happen due to environmental stressors.

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