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While today’s socialists (SDP etc.) are not responsible for the Holocaust, this is indeed very much a part of their legacy. The Fascists (national socialists) are the fighting, rival sibling of the communists (international socialists) within the ideology promoted by Karl Marx. We Liberals (classical sense), though labeled as conservatives and Right-wing, ideologically, have nothing to do with this branch or any other branch of socialism, and have been smeared with the label of ‘fascists’ long enough. Read Jonah Goldberg’s, Liberal Fascism and educate yourself. KGS

Neo-Nazis ready to ‘step on gas’ 

Germany’s Far-Right (socialists) National Democratic Party accused of creating deliberate reference to Holocaust in Berlin election poster

BERLIN – Just a month before the Berlin state elections, the German capital has been flooded with posters issued by the far-Right National Democratic Party (NPD) with the shocking slogan: “Step on gas.”

The election ad shows party leader Udo Voigt sitting on a motorcycle, wearing a black leather jacket (a popular piece of clothing among Neo-Nazis due to its resemblance of SS uniform), with the words “Gas geben!” – literally translated as “give gas”.

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  1. A rather sickening display of Jew hatred. Just like in the Nazi era I ask “after the Jews who is next”? It could be any one of us just for upholding the values of free speech and personal liberty.

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