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Too bad he says that he doesn’t support the EDL, PC perhaps, but this is an excellent calling out of the extreme double standards in Britain these days. The EDL, when not provoked and manhandled by the authorities into prompting the least bit of anger from them, are a peaceful lot. They just want their anti-Islamic extremism message to be heard in the streets of England. KGS

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David Cameron: you owe a great many people a very big apology and we are not going to forget. Why do Police, councillors, the media and even the Prime Minster continually lie about us, ensuring that local people are scared, resulting in closed shops and ghost-towns? They are always proved wrong and made to look silly; what is the ulterior motive?


Cost of EDL rally should be put in perspective

Am I the only person who was in the council chamber last week who became nauseated with the number of councillors lining themselves up to condemn the EDL protest and its costs?

Let me make it clear I am no supporter of the EDL but there were but a few hundred of them and yet the Police numbers were ludicrous.

This would explain the inflated costs of such.

Of course no councillor actually said as much but I would wager it wasn’t too far inside in raising the issue of a ban on the EDL attending again. Of course that would be a dangerous precedent to set and could backfire.

However comparing what damage they did, if any, to the most vile and repugnant violence happening in London just now might just put things into perspective.

I don’t remember bricks, concrete blocks and fire bombs being readily available within minutes.

I don’t remember any arson of buildings and vehicles and more importantly I don’t remember any looting from the EDL either.

I don’t remember the type of violence witnessed in the G20 protests and I don’t remember a fire extinguisher being hurled from a rooftop and I certainly don’t remember hearing about the storming and ransacking of anywhere as was done by the G20 violent thugs.

Most of all I didn’t see anything like the vulgar hatred as shown in Bradford 10 years ago in the Muslim riots.

I also feel the costs of keeping the EDL protest contained are petty cash compared to any one of the others I mention.

I repeat, I am no supporter of the EDL but what they did compared to the others needs getting into perspective.

Councillor Roger Taylor



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  1. IMHO the liberals, leftists and lackeys of Radical Islam in the UK government fear the gaining political strength, and rising acceptance of the EDL and know it’s members and supporters will never vote for them, hence they use every means available, especially the police, to harass, suppress, and weaken the movement, even resorting to lies and vicious attacks in the state controlled MSM.

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