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Now Saudi employers have a welcoming committee to great their victims at the airport. KGS

Maid molested on arrival in Saudi

An Asian housemaid was molested by an airport cleaner just after she arrived to work in Saudi Arabia, the largest base for Asian domestic workers in the Middle East, a newspaper in the Gulf kingdom said on Saturday.

The unidentified maid went to buy a pre-paid mobile phone SIM card from a shop at the airport in the western port of Yanbu when the Bangladeshi worker started to molest her, Okaz Arabic language daily said.

“The maid screamed, prompting the airport security to arrest the worker… he was then handed over to the police,” it said.

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  1. Please why would you expect anything else from a country whose men can’t control themselves that they make their women hid themselves in a black sack, women past from owner to owner (husband, father, etc), kept from leaving a burning school because they are lacking their sack so they burn, imprisoned in the country, kept from having mobility, and laws are in place to persecute them (10 lashes for driving, killed for being raped). Look who their mentor is a warmonger, rapist, sexist pedophile held up as a prophet. I mean after all he raped a 17 year after having her husband, brother and father kill. He called it a marriage, yeah right. Took his adoptive son’s wife. Had women torn apart for mocking him. Note the fragile ego. This is what men in Saudi have as a mentor. What the heck do you expect.

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