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Nidal Hasan, Major Jihad: Abdo is a real chip off the old block


AWOL Pvt. Abdo’s anti-Semitic Da’wa Rants Evident During Training

AWOL 21 year old Pvt. Nasar Jason Abdo was arrested for his purchase of weapons and bomb making materials for an attempted Jihad attack at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. More has been revealed about Abdo’s aggressive proselytizing of his training unit mates and Islamic anti-Semitism directed at af Jewish soldier during training. Abdo should have been discharged by the US Army instead of being granted Conscientious Objector status for not willing to be deployed to fight fellow Muslims in Afghanistan.

Clearly, someone screwed up at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the home of the 101St Airborne-the screaming eagles. This is the latest disaster of the Army’s diversity first program. One wonders how many of the 12,000 serving Muslims harbor similar Jihadi views as Abdo. There have been several other Muslim soldier perpetrating murderous attacks on fellow soldiers in Kuwait and, most spectacularly Maj. Nidal Hasan, about to be tried for his Jihadi massacre at Fort Hood in November, 2009. Was Pvt. Abdo engaging in a sympathetic me too attack for his fellow Muslim in the ummah at his former home town of Killeen, Texas?

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  1. Why was nothing done, it is called political correctness, God forbid you should call someone out, even with evidence the accuser will automatically be labeled an intolerant racist by the higher command, perfect example is Maj Abdo, no one was willing to take action early on in his career for fear of their own career being shut down by the PC loonies running the military, yup you got to kill somebody first., glad this nut job was nabbed (not by the military though?)….ahhhh the way of our world today, we are doomed.

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