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Obama tells troops to screw you.

The Democratic ‘leadership’ including Obama is disgusting. These scare monger tactics are reprehensible and totally unnecessary, from scaring old people about social security not being paid to pissing off the families of our warriors in combat. There is more than enough money to cover operating funds for the next six months or so, the Dems refuse to have tied into the lawmaking bill something that includes a deficit reduction trigger, like a call for an amendment to the US Constitution being made mandatory.

The Dems under Obama do not want to see any restrictions of their goals to socialize the American economy, something that that the dope who wrote this article fails to understand. For them, it’s enough to say that the Tea Party is the problem, not the drunken sailor spending Leftist in government. KGS

Now even troops are warned they may not be paid with no solution to debt crisis in sight 

  • Soldiers told their salaries are lower priority than interest payments to foreign bond-holders
  • Renewed bi-partisan talks run late into the night at White House as leaders make desperate last-minute stab at compromise
  • Reports of ‘significant progress’
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid postpones closure vote on his bill until 1pm on Sunday

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