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In a comment to a Tundra Tabloids’ post that featured an article by Paul Weston on the BBC, Breivik and Islam, the commenter, DSV adds a few words that bear republishing on the front page of the TT. When reading any post here, always look at the comments, the TT’s readers are some of the most astute thinkers in the blogosphere. KGS

DSV: The cankerous rot is to far gone for anything to be saved, especially the BBC.

I applaud Mr. Robinsons (TT:  EDL’s Tommy Robinson) efforts and even a few years ago I would have gladly joined his crusade.

Alas my efforts now are to secure my future and join the last remnants of the English and create a new life and home far away and build allegiance to a new home and country.

Rats leaving a sinking ship? Yes, in Englands case there is precious little of the ship still above water.

I flew back into Manchester the other week along with a young man that had spent the year working in youth camps and volunteering in communities less fortunate. He was spending a few days at home in Manchester before leaving and emigrating, hoping to build a new life, one where he would be safe. He is as English as me, he admitted he had a great childhood and fantastic schooling, but getting stoned in the street in the middle of Manchester in the middle of the day with no one even coming to his defence was not a life he wanted. That’s stoned, as in having bricks thrown at you, having cars pull along side him, and his family and friends, spitting and throwing urine, asking if he knew where Hitler was, was not a place he wanted to live and raise a family.

Its happened remarkably fast. Its taken I think less than 30 years to reach this point.

I pray he finds peace in Israel

Myself and others I know are looking first to the former colonies.

One of my other prayers is that all the money the latte sipping intelligentsia and useful idiots have, does not allow them to escape the hell they have created.

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