Egypt Islamic anti-Semitism


Egypt has always been a bastion of Jew hatred, during the Mubarak years state sponsored anti-Semitism was taken to new heights, surpassing that even of the German National Socialists (NAZIS) which is no small feat. Now that the fundamustards have taken over Egypt, or at least set to real soon in the upcoming elections, now they’re really taking the gloves off on their Jew hatred. This is only an example of much more to come, as all the various parties try to one up the other in how much “I hate the Jews, let me just count the ways” style of campaigning. KGS

H/T: El Cid via Breitbart

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  1. Now I understand why the Arabs have been defeated in every war with Israel. Considering the state of higher learning in Arab countries as demonstrated by this clown, it is a wonder that the Arab countries even survive to this day. The followers of the Imans are so easily brainwashed by these mini-Hitlers so that if the Iman says the sky is green the followers would believe him.

    The collapse of open thinking in the Arab countries has lead to new neo-Nazi states like Iran, Syria, Lebanon and soon Egypt. Unfortunately, the Obama administration as well as many administrations in the EU are looking the other way and in general have their heads up their rear ends and when all hell breaks loose, they will be the first to be pointing fingers at everyone else for their own unwillingness to confront these neo-Nazi states. I propose that the two biggest supporters of these neo-Nazi states are the French and the Norwegians.

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