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A Tundra Tabloids’ contact offers the following salient point being overlooked in the aftermath of the Norwegian massacre:

Look: If a Muslim man, with the full support of Islamic texts and teachings, commits an act of Jihadist terrorism and murders many people, he gets cheered by quite a few Muslims, yet the Western mass media want us to believe that this has absolutely nothing to do with his Islamic beliefs. If an allegedly Christian man commits an act of violent terrorism that is condemned by virtually all those who share his religion, suddenly his religion becomes relevant. Does this compute? Why do we accept this?

NOTE: Vlad offers the following observation where the blaming of Fjordman is concerned:

“No one blames the Beatles for the actions of Charles Manson, yet everyone is fast to blame Fjordman not just for inspiration which was never intended, but as the actual killer. Did anyone accuse John Lennon of killing Sharron Tate?”

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