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Nanny statism, a traditional Russian affair. Prohibition in the United States was a ”progressive” policy lest anyone should forget, implemented during the Wilsonian fascist years, this should serve as a warning to all not to let the Leftists too close to the reins of power. KGS

Russia calls last orders on excessive beer consumption

While vodka is the alcoholic drink most would associate with Russia, beer is also a big favorite. With health concerns about excessive drinking on the rise, the government aims to stem consumption of the beverage. Dmitry Medvedev has decided that beer consumption has gone out of control in his country. The Russian president signed a law on Wednesday that will restrict the sale of beer, ban all commercials for the beverage and prohibit its consumption except in private homes, bars or restaurants. Russian men drink more alcohol per year than most other Europeans, a large percentage of it in the form of beer. Alcohol abuse is one of the main causes of the high mortality rate in Russia.

The current life expectancy of Russian men is 60 years – and not only due to chronic problems such as liver disease. Many die from alcohol poisoning, traffic accidents, murders, suicides and work accidents linked to alcohol consumption. Dmitry MedvedevMedvedev believes that the problem needs tackling That makes beer just as bad as any other alcoholic drink, according to parliamentarian Sergei Mironov, who supported the law. “Unfortunately, today Russia is drinking too much. Alcoholism among youth resulting from beer consumption is very dangerous, and we think that it’s high time to restrict its sale and consumption,” said Mironov.

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  1. Legislation cannot change a culture or a society, only a multi-faceted program of good parenting, education, economic opportunity, and cooperation of the public in general with all government agencies. I’m sorry to say there is no quick answer to the world wide problem of alcohol abuse.

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