L. ward writes: I have been festering for a long time. 15 years ago I worked for the Salvation Army Booth Centre. Somehow, in Dec., before Christmas, word got out among the Muslims that if you wanted free turkey and toys for the kids at Christmas, all you had to do was to call the Sally Ann. I can tell you that the Muslims squeezed out the Christians for help at Christmas.

It was basically 10 Christians for 150 muslims getting this CHRISTMAS help. A free dinner delivered plus free Christmas Toys. Effectively, the Muslims squeezed out the Christians for help during the Christmas season!!! Things are out of control. I would like to help our country retain our identity but we are up against a formidable foe!! Don’t retire yet. We need you!!!

As a past employee of the Salvation Army I can tell you that the majority of calls for Christmas turkeys and Christmas Toys are from Muslims who shun our religion. Meanwhile, the Christian families are turned down because of the great demand by these people. They know a freebie and take advantage. Meanwhile, our poor Christian kids are going without toys and a little turkey dinner to celebrate Christmas. Damn, I’m 65 and really Pissed about the way things are turning out!

As a past employee

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  1. Freaking hypocritical parasites. Thought they were offended by Christmas? They’d surely make a stink about a Nativity scene anywhere near their neighborhood.

    But, after all, it’s about the Jizya. Take, take, take.

    The religion of lazy useless asses who have nothing to contribute to any culture they invade.

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