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The pictures are brutal, the video down below even worse, viewer discretion is advised. KGS

Taliban execute Pakistani policemen on video

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The Taliban released a video Monday showing fighters executing 16 Pakistani tribal policemen in a hail of gunfire after they were captured in a cross-border raid from Afghanistan in June.

The video shows the policemen lined up on a hillside with their hands tied behind their backs, standing in front of armed Taliban fighters wearing scarves to hide their faces. Both the policemen and the insurgents are wearing shalwar kameez, the baggy shirt and pants common in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

One of the insurgents accused the men of executing six children from Pakistan’s Swat Valley by firing squad.

“They are the enemies of the religion of Allah,” the man said of the police officers.

He and several other fighters then opened fire on the policemen, who crumpled to the ground. Several of them were still moaning, and one fighter walked down the line shooting the policemen in the head.

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  1. I did not watch the clip. I’m too squemish I suppose. But in Australia I’ve just heard a spokesperson from Muslim Village 9website) exercising taqiyya relating to three Muslims who flogged a man 40 times for breaking sharia law in Australia.

    This guy stated that all muslims must follow the laws of the country in which they reside if it is not under Islamic law.

    He said in answer to a question on stoning people to death that this had happened on only six occasions in the last 1400 years.

    The interviewer -Chris Smith – is clueless of course and just accepted everything this man stated about the religion of peace.

    1. A muslim has to follow the law of the land of residence, funny part is, people from my religion follow idiots not brains, and above is the result.

  2. Why does the world press not show us clips like these??

  3. so you can see whats really going on you pussy. if thats what islam teaches fuck your religion

  4. I’ am Sure They are not Muslim .
    The one who do this action ..

    They are not muslim.

  5. they are not muslim who do the action of killing inocent poelp they are worst than Israel, they are animals, Islam is the religion of kindness and peace but they use it opposite they will see the punishment of that bad actions in Akhirat inshallah because they use Islam and Quran as thier dolls. لعنت خدا به این قسم مسلمانان و این قسم اسلام خداوند به شما وحشیها انشا الله جزا میدهدباز هم لعنت خدا بر شما ای طالبان وحشی و خدا دشمن

    1. Oh yes, they are Muslims who did this, and who very well know their koran, which is a really a declaration of war against the non-Muslim. Islamic history is rife with those killing fellow Muslims for not measuring up to their understanding of Islamic mores, while providing chapter and verse to prove their position.

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