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In other words, pious Muslims who promote the myth that Islam is the religion of peace, will turn violent due to the feeling of simply having been offended. There’s no such thing as turning the other cheek in Islam, so what’s with this suicidal need to import these people by the millions? KGS

NOTE: They say minorities, when in fact they just mean Muslims, who are in many cases the majority in the areas in which they live.

Minorities ‘alienated by airport security’

OVER-ZEALOUS airport security threatens to exacerbate the terror threat by pushing those flirting with radical Islam over the edge, an MSP has warned.

Humza Yousaf, who organised a meeting last night between members of ethnic minorities and police and Scottish Government figures, warned there was growing resentment over how Glasgow Airport’s border control was operating.

He has also launched a petition calling on Home Secretary Theresa May to review Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2006, which governs searches of people at UK borders.

Mr Yousaf, who is the Nationalist MSP for Glasgow, said: “Everyone understands there’s a security threat to Scotland, but any counter-terror expert will tell you that there is a tipping point caused by a sense of grievance towards an authority.

“Instead of counter-terror, it’s counter-productive, and leaving people with a sense of resentment. Now 999 out of 1,000 people will shrug their shoulders and carry on, but one person who may already be flirting with these ideas may be pushed over the edge.

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  1. We are sick of this Muslim crap here in Glasgow and western Scotland. We all know what they are all about and we dont forget how the two so called educated Muslim Doctors tried to blow up Glasgow airport with a jeep laden with gas canisters and thankfully failed , it would be a comical situation if it was not for their true motives and hatred towards us, How about Scotlands only convicted racist murderers, the 4 Pakistani muslim men who killed a 15 year old on Glasgo’s southside in 04 for simply being white.

  2. We are also sick of this community and religion. Why is their presence causing so much pain. Why dont they stay at home. Look at India. The muslims are unwelcome byproduct of the medieval muslim colonization. These muslims are either immigrants who followed the conquerors or converted Hindus[ raped or abducted hindu women]- both are unwelcome entities. Hindu genorisity has not demanded revenge. But are they gratefull. NO.

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