You can be sure that the Taliban have their sights set on older brother. KGS

Hey Karzai, after NATO pulls out, here we come!

[Killed: Ahmad Wali Karzai, brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, is seen speaking during a meeting with elders in Kandahar province south of Kabul]

Wali Karzai was shot dead by one of his bodyguards as he was entertaining guests at his home, a heavily-fortified compound in Kandahar city.

Zalmay Ayoubi, a spokesperson for the governor of Kandahar province said: ‘A guard of Ahmed Wali Karzai named Sardar Mohammad opened fire and killed him. The other guards shot and killed Sardar Mohammad.’

The motive for the shooting is not known but the Taliban claimed responsibility for the killing shortly after the announcement, calling it ‘one of our biggest achievements’ in nearly a decade of war

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