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Ok, it was about the founder of Islam, but what’s the difference other than Islam having more bodies under it’s belt and more anti-Semitic and supremacist than German national socialism ever was? Where and when does the lunacy end? KGS

Joseph Adams, who worked in the electorate office of the Smithfield Party Liberal of Australia NSW as an adviser, was sacked on Friday  for posting violent passages of the Quran on his Facebook page including a description of Prophet Muhammad as “the first terrorist of Islam”.

Mr. Adams’ comments angered some of his 1000 Facebook “friends”, which include 15 state government MPs and four ministers.

He was labelled a ”bigot” and the ”biggest f—ing racist ever” by his Facebook “friends.”

No one will accuse anyone of racism for criticizing Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Communism or any faith or ideology. Yet somehow, some people are convinced that Islam is a race.  This false narrative is inculcated in the western world by Muslims many people who refuse to think have bought into it.

”The religious babble you refer to is Islam,” he commented on June 4. ”There was no war. It was terrorism. Muhammad was the first terrorist in the name of Islam.”

He followed up with: “Why are you getting upset? I’m not the one who is teaching others to kill in the name of Islam. Mohommed is not my hero.”

On March 24, he responded to a Facebook ”friend,” Faten Dabs with the comment: ”If you leave Islam it is HALAL for you to be EXECUTED. Lol. No wonder people are afraid to leave Islam.”

Joseph Adams has spoken the truth. The Quran promotes violence and Muhammad was a terrorist. Muslims are afraid of leaving Islam for anyone who does do so, would be killed.

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