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And why shouldn’t they? The mandarins of multiculturalism who enforce it with oppressive political correctness have created intolerable situations where one group is lifted up above the rest, which is the purpose of multiculturalism. Keeping all sides in competition with the other is the motive behind this form of social engineering, while they pretend that they’re building an all inclusive society. KGS

NOTE: Multiculturalism can only thrive within a statist driven society, which always comes at the expense of individual liberties and freedom. The minority is best protected when individual liberties are protected, which is why the statist promotes multiculturalism, it’s not about protecting minorities, but protecting government power.

Hindu group criticizes Toronto school’s Muslim prayer sessions

A Hindu group that regularly criticizes Islam is going after a Toronto school for holding prayer sessions for Muslim students on Friday afternoons, arguing that it violates principles of secularism in the public school system. For about three years, Valley Park Middle School on Overlea Boulevard in Flemingdon Park has held the services in its cafeteria after non-Muslim students are finished lunch. An imam from a nearby mosque leads the sessions, which last 30 to 40 minutes.

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