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  1. What we were, as children, in Ontario Canada !

    – I am the first born son, in 1952 (Mid Ontario).
    – My only other spouse, a brother, was born in 1953 (Southern Ontario).

    – I am presently 59, and now a permanent un-employed Tool and Die Maker.
    – I can “no” longer collect E.I.
    – Since I am know living off my life savings, I am not “classified” in the unemployed %.
    – I am married to the same spouse, for 37 years, who has lived in the same city, all her life. (Great House Wife).


    Late 50’s and Early 60’s. (TV):

    My brother and I, with the neighborhood gang, boys and girls, always played outside.
    Weekends, was the only time, as children, did we ever watch TV.

    As a young child, my brother and I loved Saturday mornings, watching children TV shows. (Not Cartoons).
    – Rin Tin Tin.
    – Roy Rogers.
    – Sky King.
    – Three Stooges.
    – Little Rescales.
    – Zorro.

    Sunday evenings, the whole family watched,
    – Lassie.
    – Bonanza.
    – Ed Sullivan.


    TV. (Today):

    Lately on TV, I have been watching very old TV shows, that we had watched as a children.
    – Father Knows Best.
    – Denise The Menace.

    Today: “Denise The Menace”, would be a perfect child, that does not swear , greats all adults friendly, helpful and respectful.
    Today: Denise The Menace”, would be arrested and charged for having a weapon. (Sling Shot) and (Jack Knife).


    Late 50’s and Early 60’s. (Toys):

    My wife and I came up with a list “toys”, we played with, when we were young.

    – We had full size actual replica’s of six gun western pistols. (Cowboys and Indians).
    – We had high caliber plastic bullets, on our belts.
    – We had full size actual replica’s of western rifles. (Cowboys and Indians).
    – To be a boy, one always carried a jack knife.
    – As boys, every fall, we would have always have “chestnut” fighting, that in most cases, would crack your hand knuckles.
    – As boys, there were only a few of us, that were able to build sling shots., using dozens of rubber bands.
    – As boys, we were able to purchase a plastic tube, a “pea shooter” and “peas” at our local variety store.
    – Those of us, that had the extra $’s, (paper routes) would use the potato “air” pistol. (Potato Bullets).
    – Many of us boys, started using B-B rifles.
    – My brother and I had a very powerful “pellet” rifle, with “special” lead pellets.
    – With our own knifes, we used to play a game, called (body) “stretch”.


    Late 50’s and Early 60’s. (Education):

    – My brother and I went to Catholic grade schools.
    – We sang “God Save The Queen”‘ every morning.
    – The penguins (Nuns) were know to like giving straps, to the boys.


    Late 60’s and Early 70’s. (Education):

    – In High School, my wife took the four year course, in business.
    – In High School, I took the four year course, in trades.
    – In our separate High Schools, we were “all” white, and “all” acted –> “exactly” the same.
    – There was a general rule, do not become an outsider and follow the “same” rules.
    – I had two (x2) different “male” High School teachers, that when were physically or verbally assaulted, and took matters into their hands.
    (A) A student attacked a teacher and the male teacher retaliated, breaking the students arm.
    (B) A student verbally assaulted a teacher and the male teacher retaliated, by locking him into a hall locker.
    – We as High School students, respected our teachers.
    – It was not till our senior years, (1970 / 1971), till we started to see a “black”, (x1), individual, enter our High Schools.


    2011 (Education):

    – I have known, Catlin, my next door neighbor, since she was born.
    – Catlin and I would talk !
    – She just graduated from High School, with excellent high grades.
    – I went to the “same” High School, she did.
    – She has informed me, that as a “white” person, going to this High School, you are now a “minority”.


    Canadian Immigration (1950’s):

    Both my parents and my wife’s parents, immigrated from Europe, after the second war. (WW-2).
    – They were “required” to “follow” the “present’ Canadian Laws.
    – They were “not” allowed to practice or show “ANY” beliefs, “openly”, to the public.
    – They were “totally” left on their own, without any government “aid”.


    Canadian Immigration (Boat People):

    – Canadian Government would “not” assist boat refuges, from the Vietnam War.
    – My Catholic church “sponsored” several boat families, from Vietnam.
    – All Vietnamese family’s became successful and self contained, on their own.
    – The Vietnamese refuges, were required to follow our present laws.
    – The Vietnamese refuges, were not “allowed” to ask for any type of demands.
    – I have worked with many Vietnamese refuges and they were very friendly and do work excellently.


    Canadian Immigration, (Today – 2011):

    – Almost any new refuge, now receives government assistance.
    – Many foreign families (With Past Government History), will enter this country, and still contain / have their “old” hatred values.
    – Today the “new” immigrants “rally” and get what they mostly want, and win their case, against the Canadian Government !



    – I have only “stated” actual facts.

    – I can “not” or be “allowed” to be an “Archie Bunker” (bigot), to state my actual true “feelings”. (Censorship).

    – As a “white” (Sorry) Canadians, in many large cities, will become the minority, in the future !
    – Many large Canadian cities, holds and controls, the “Federal” vote.

    – Where is Canada going ?


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