This is what happens when you have successive socialist regimes over a period of 5-6 decades, a warped society. The same can be said of Sweden as well, but the Swedes have a better work ethic than the south, but nonetheless have a retarded society in many ways. KGS

H/T Fjordman

The queue of hungry people snaked across the courtyard and into the street at the homeless shelter behind Omonoia Square in Athens last Thursday, just as it does every day at lunchtime. The retired, the unemployed, mothers with children, immigrants; they were all waiting patiently for church members to press something to eat into their hands.

Georgios Levedogiannis, 38, managed to get his hands on some peas with root vegetables and potatoes, along with three hunks of bread and a few cups of yoghurt. Levedogiannis has been coming here regularly for nine months. “I have to, in order to survive,” he says.

Levedogiannis worked in security at Athens Airport for seven years. He wasn’t rich, but he got by — until his bosses fired him in 2009. At the moment, his poverty is not yet visible. Levedogiannis wears a clean shirt, smart blue slacks and a new-looking bag slung around his waist. He clearly makes an effort. But there are tears in the man’s eyes as he says: “If I had work, I wouldn’t do this to myself.” He says he has “zero” money and that he sleeps at the Red Cross, eats at the church and dreams of a different time, a time where there was still work. “If you don’t have connections, no one will take you,” he explains. “And it’s only getting worse.”


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