Muslim Brotherhood obamablunders


General feeling is that they’ll get it from Zero.

Mutual respect? How can a genocidal fundamustard outfit that underlines its self significance with the hatred of the non-Muslim, have respect for what they believe is an infidel nation supporting their enemy Israel? Anyone see any logic in that? KGS

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: We Are Willing to Dialogue with US

In response to statements by State Secretary Hillary Clinton about an American intention to dialogue with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the movement’s spokesman, Mahmoud Ghazlan, said that the MB was willing to engage in dialogue as long as it is based on mutual respect. He said that so far no dialogue has taken place, except for some contacts between officials at the US embassy in Cairo and former parliament members from the MB. Dr. ‘Issam Al-‘Arian, deputy-chairman of the MB political party, said that several US congress members visited the party headquarters last week.


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