''Arab Spring''



These type of politicians are delusional, ignorant and dangerous. There is not real Jeffersonian democracy budding in the ME, but more tyranny. KGS

Tunisian ‘democrats’. How many of these democracy loving fundamustards marched in front of the synagogue shouting anti-Jew slogans?

Europe must be ready for Arab reform long haul

Europe should prepare for the long haul of democratic reform in the Arab world, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said Wednesday as his country is to assume the EU presidency July 1. To support this process of democracy-building, Warsaw has proposed the creation of an “autonomous and abundantly financed” European foundation or endowment for democracy, Sikorski told foreign journalists in Warsaw. “Transforming a 500 million Arab, Muslim world towards democracy will not take a couple of years — it will take a couple of decades at least,” Sikorski observed.

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  1. What a crock of liberal, leftist crap! If the so-called ‘Arab world’ wants to change from their ‘Islamic Paradise’ form of government to a form of democratic government let them pay for it with their own funds and blood not the blood of my children and grandchildren. We in the West have already paid way too much in blood and treasure, I may sound callous but all I hear from most of these’ followers of the teachings of the prophet’ that they are content to live in religious concentration camps under Sharia Law, which their Imams claim is not compatible with Western types of representative government.

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