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Laughable but predictable.

The thing is, these statists (top-down big government blowhard tyrants) do not dwell in the same environment as the rest of us, they inhabit an alter universe all of their very own. So that’s why the faux (unelected) president of the EU, Herman Van Rompuy, thinks he can come up with the plans for a multi-million dollar complex to seat his fellow totalitarians whiule the rest of Europe struggles with massive debt problems. KGS

Van Rompuy’s ‘egg’ goes down badly at EU summit

24.06.2011 @ 18:10 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – EU Council head Herman Van Rompuy scored an own goal at the EU summit by putting forward plans for an expensive new headquarters at an inopportune moment.

Van Rompuy handed round a glossy brochure to EU leaders for the €240 million building during a dinner in Brussels on Thursday (23 June) devoted to a discussion about the threat of Greek bankruptcy and on new austerity cuts.

Van Rompuy: will only get to use the new office complex if he secures a second term (Photo:

The brochure itself for the new EU summit venue and Van Rompuy office complex is said to have cost €100,000 to print.

“[UK leader] Cameron and [German Chancellor] Merkel just looked at each other as if to say ‘What is this guy thinking?'” one EU diplomat said. “It’s true that the building was planned a few years ago and everything, but you have to ask if it was a good idea to draw attention to it now.”

David Cameron did not hold back at the post-summit press briefing.

“When you see a document being circulated with a great glossy brochure about some great new building for the European Council to sit in, it is immensely frustrating,” he said. “You do wonder whether these institutions actually get what every country and what every member of the public is having to go through as we cut budgets.”


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  1. Delusions of Grandeur are a symptom of tertiary syphilis.

  2. Why should the EU ‘fat cats’ care it’s not their money? The money they squander comes from the excessive taxation and confiscation of the EU citizen’s funds who unfortunately have no say in the matter. Everything is decided by the ‘Throne In Brussels’, the seat of the dictat’. After all why bother with a concept as old fashioned as representative government? The Eu hierarchy will decide what is best for everyone.

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