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It’s about time.

Soviet Officers handbook

The Ukraine experienced its own genocide at the hands of the Soviet Union which predates the German National Socialists’ Holocaust of the Jews, so they know very well of what they speak. Nazism is actually a heretical form of Marxism, being also anti-capitalist, anti-property rights, anti-West and therefor belongs on the Left.

Marx taught early on that genocide was the preferable method in eliminating the undesired elements from society, in order to propel that society onto the path of true socialism, free from any or all ‘human roadblocks’.

In a Marxist state there is no room for dissenting opinions, but also for communities, societies and cultures who hadn’t even achieved the later evolutionary step in economics, meaning capitalism, which was deemed to be the final stepping stone to a socialist economy. Genocide was the answer.

Marxist Socialist Communism is as genocidal as German National Socialism ever was, Hitler knew this, as did Stalin and his cohorts, who well understood the Nazis’ methods, and approved of them. It’s only a twist of historic fate that the hammer and sickle is not reviled as much as the Swastika, thankfully a Ukrainian city is correcting that situation. KGS

Ukraine city in ‘Communism is Nazism’ poster drive

Authorities in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Wednesday pinned up posters on billboards equating Nazism to Communism to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union.

The posters, with the slogan “Communism = Nazism”, were a hugely provocative gesture in a country whose east still fondly remembers the rule of the USSR, which the more nationalist west regards as an occupation.

The billboards were put up at the behest of the local authorities and show two pictures, one of locals murdered murdered by the Soviets in 1941 and another of seven people hung in public by the Nazis in 1942 after the invasion.

“The inhabitants of Lviv suffered both under the Nazi and Communist regimes in the war,” said deputy mayor Vasyl Kosiv.

“Prisons and concentration camps were used by both the Soviet NKVD and the Gestapo.”

“These were two forces identical in their criminal actions,” he added.

When the Nazis entered western Ukraine in 1941, some greeted them as liberators from the Soviets.

Nationalist guerrillas continued to fight Soviet forces in the mountains of western Ukraine into the 1950s and are regarded as heroes in the region to this day.

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  1. Being of Ukrainian descent, it is only sheer luck that my great grandparents came over to Canada at the turn of the 20th Century before the genocides began. My mother recently returned to the area of Ukraine where her grandparents were from. She was told by that there are no documents prior to the Russian communist takeover of Ukraine as Stalin had all these document destroyed. Stalin was not only bent on taking over Ukraine but to also erase the existence of the Ukrainian people.

    1. I fully understand MegRyan. One point, it’s now the meme that Stalin himself was the real bad boy that gave Marxist Communism a real bad name, but what both Stalin and Hitler did, was in the Marxist handbook all along. It was only a matter of time that a supreme Marxist ruler and a renegade Marxist would implement Karl’s and his cohorts’ full plans for the unwanted and undesirables of Europe.

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