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Vlad Youtubed a video at the Tundra Tabloids request, of an Egyptian teacher brutalizing his pupils by beating them with a stick. This is something that needs to be spread around for simple awareness. YouTube took it down and gave a strike against Vlad’s account, at Bankoran.com. YouTube is out of control. Thanks to Vlad for uploading it, but the TT feels bad for being the catalyst in getting him a strike. KGS

Video site and how you can help

For a variety of reasons, probably as much bureaucratic incompetence as it is political correctness, the counter jihad cannot rely on youtube alone. I have already had the product of three years work closed on me, rightly or wrongly, and my new channel there has already received at least one strike for the most banal of videos.

The short video of an Egyptian teacher hitting all his students, except one, with a ruler was too much for youtube apparently. More than likely, Islamic groups know how to get a video removed. They attack the video using the reasoning of the PC left. A nice irony that must amuse them a great deal. This video, exposing how Muslim schools in Egypt today treat children earned me a strike on my account, and this means that the new channel is not long for this earth either.

Perhaps the best example of youtube failing to distinguish exposing hate speech from actual hate speech, is where I, with the aid of Dutch translators, subtitled a video showing a Dutch-Muslim rap band singing about killing all the Jews and infidels and the usual Islamic ambitions. My titled version, used to expose this kind of hatred to the light of day, earned me a strike and suspension while the original Dutch version which meant what it said, remained on youtube unmolested and untitled.

There is hope though. I have videos on several platforms and there is one that looks rather promising. I would ask that those who are interested please join the site and subscribe to the channel of the same name as this site. MRCT-TV seems to be a viable alternative, at least till Islamic and or leftist lawyers find a way to close it down as well as a viable alternative to youtube, but for the moment, go and have a look.

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