Gaza Flotilla


In fact, the presence of these A-holes increases the risks of major confrontation as the other A-holes of the fundamustard type, use the situation to their best advantage. Also, there are a large number of suicidal Lefty Jews on board as well, how fitting. KGS

UPDATE: Vlad adds: Now this is interesting. I appreciate good and courageous reporting but isn’t it illegal for a reporter to knowingly participate in a crime for the purpose of observing it? I mean if I planned to burgle a house and called the NYT to come along, would they send a reporter? Or call the police?


NY Times, CNN to Travel Aboard Flotilla

Alana Goodman 06.21.2011 – 3:46 PM

Journalists from a variety of news outlets – including the New York Times and full camera crews from CNN, CBS – will be covering the anti-Israel flotilla from aboard one of the ships, according to The Nation correspondent Joseph Dana (who will also report from the flotilla).

While it’s hard to blame reporters for seeking out a colorful story, they should realize by joining the activists on the boat they are actually making themselves a part of the story. They will be with the flotilla when it attempts to violate international law by trying to break Israel’s legally-established naval blockade. And they could potentially interfere with the Israeli military’s ability to do its job if IDF soldiers are forced to board the ships.


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